Sample Pack – Acoustic Panels / Slat wall


Sample pack has free shipping

This is the beginning of your next project.

Here you can order samples of our entire range, so you can make sure you choose the perfect colour way for your scheme.

It’s so much easier to select the right combination with a physical sample. The samples not only allow you to see the colours but also feel the natural textures of each material. As the acoustic panels are manufactured using natural wood veneer, the exact grain structure and characteristics are unique to each sample.

Select the samples you would like from the list below and receive your sample box within 3-5 working days.
Remember we have free shipping on sample packs.

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Weight 0.1 kg

This pack contains all of our latest colours however if you would prefer to receive a specific selection, please get in touch.


My Wall are higher than 2.4m, what do I do?  This is not too much of a problem, the panels can be butted up to each-other, to achieve any length you desire. We have an example of this on Instagram –  Clik here
Can I mount the panels directly to the wall?  Of course. Mounting the panels directly to the wall is not a problem however if you would like to achieve the best acoustic coefficient, you will need to use the batten system as set out in our installation guide.
What’s the lead time for the Eco-Sound Panels?  These are usually in stock in the UK however, we can often deliver these on a next working day service. If they are not in stock, the turn around is normally under 2-3 weeks.
Can I request a customer size?  Unfortunately we do not offer this as standard. You can easily cut our standard panels to your custom size. I you require a large volume cut to a specific size, please contact us and we will see what we can do.
Are the Eco-Sound panels suitable for damp environments?  So long as the panels are not in direct contact with water, this should not be a problem. The panels are produced from a high density fibre board, which should not absorb too much moisture but be sure not to get them wet.
Can the Eco-Sound panels be used both inside and outside? Unfortunately, the panels are for internal use only.
Do you have an installation guide? Yes, you can download it here – clik here We also have a short video that you might find useful – click here
What about my electrical sockets or light switches The wood slats can be easily cut with a saw and the backing with a Stanley knife, to fit the panels around existing outlets.
Can you mount the panels on anytime of wall You can mount the panels on pretty much any wall types, we recommend screwing the panels to the walls however it is possible to glue them to the wall if required.
Do the images on your website provide an accurate representation of the colour of the panels?  Depending on the resolution of your display screen, the colour will vary, we always recommend ordering a sample box, just to make sure you are ordering the right product for your scheme. Sample boxes can be ordered here – click here
Do the samples provide a good representation of what we will receive in the large panels? Yes, the samples are produced for the same type of boards you will receive. As the face of the product is natural wood, the grain structure, colour tone and number of rustic features will vary from panel to panel. Some samples will show the natural knots and pips however some may not. If you would like to view the panels up close before you purchase them, please get in contact and we will see what we can do for you.
Where are you based?  We have an office near Loughton, Essex. We have some of the panels in our warehouse that you are able to view, upon request however the office is not manned by our staff at all times.
What about the sides of the panels, do you have a cover strip?  We do produce end slats in each of the available colours, these are available in two sizes, 22mm, for the end of a standard panel and 76mm, to cover the panels mounted on battens. These are available on request and cut to order.
Is it possible to hide unsightly cables from the TV behind the panels Of course. If you mount the panels on battens, you can run the cables behind easily.
Can I use any insulation behind the panels?  We recommend using 45mm Isover 37 RockWool. This can be purchased directly from us however the lead time will vary depending on the volume you require. Rockwool is readily available on the market however only the 45mm Isover 37 has been tested with our panels and meets EN ISO 354:2003
Do you have a returns policy?  Yes, all products can be returned within 14 working days of delivery. For full details, please refer to our terms and conditions.


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