Wooden slat wall

The eternal chase to create a personal and welcoming home, lifting the interior to the desired level can be an impossible task. We at lignosi.com offer you the opportunity to implement impressive and stylish wooden slat wall panels. You will quickly discover the unique and dynamic benefits and details that wooden slat wall provides for any room in your home.

Our wooden slat wall panels are the exact same product as our wooden acoustic panels.

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Improve your decor with a wooden slat wall

At lignosi.com you will find a wide selection of our high quality wooden slat walls. They are designed to lift your decor in a minimalist and stylish way that plays well with your existing interior. One of the main reasons why the product is so widespread is the use of wood. Wood has the ability to provide raw and rustic details with a gentle expression. In your home it will create a greater connection with nature and contribute with a whole new life.

For the same reason, we want to oblige our customers in our selection of different wooden slat wall panel in different shades. If you are looking for a warm tone for your home, we will be able to find a solution for you which will create an impressive result. If, on the contrary, you are looking for a more distinct and darker shade that creates a stylish contrast in your home, we have the solution for you too. It is our foremost task to create opportunities for our customers and not restrictions which we try to accommodate in our range of wooden slat walls. 

The benefits of wooden slat walls

It is not only the benefits of appearance that you gain from our wooden slat walls. In the purchase of our products you will get a significant improved acoustic. This is based on the acoustic field. This is especially effective in rooms with bare surfaces, where the sound waves will be reflected further into the room. Instead, the sound waves will be absorbed by the wooden slat walls. In this way you will avoid a resounding and disturbing effect.

Furthermore, our products are designed and manufactured with a care for the environment in the choice of environmentally sustainable initiatives. It is an important priority for us that you as a customer at lignosi.com can buy our products with good conscience. Therefore, the wood slat wall panels are made of sustainable materials. This means, among other things, that all the wood that we use for our wood slat walls is from sustainable forests. We make an active effort to leave the forest protected for future generations. Therefore, is our work with sustainable material not just limited to sustainable forests. At the same time, we are committed to protect the local communities and wildlife.

There are many favorable reasons to renovate your home with unique and completely impressive wooden slat walls both to enhance the visual decor as well as to create practical benefits. You are therefore always welcome to contact us for further questions or the desire to place an order.